Q – Why can’t you say “cocaine” on ABC TV?
I taped your appearance on Jimmy Kimmel last night since here in Chicago it doesn’t air live (taped show is pushed back after the Oprah rerun!). When I watched the tape I was shocked when the audio cut out completely every time you sang the word “cocaine”! Thought you’d want to know you’re a victim of the FCC.

A – I can’t say it surprised me, I guess I’m shocked they didn’t read the lyric until 6PM on the day. I’m not bothered in the slightest – I think this could give me some in roads to the youth market. Perfect Skin was not axed, we just ran out of time, and I really never wanted to sing it acoustically, anyway, it was their choice. I did get a signed photo from Fred Willard. Not a bad day, overall.