I’ve spent a large portion of the last couple of weeks revamping my studio.
I had a very old school set up in NYC and was able to come up with a lot of the plastic wood ideas there, and record them quite quickly. I want to be able to do that again, so I’ve set up a seperate workstation are just for live looping type stuff, and I’ve got the old echoplex working.
Considerably less interesting has been cleaning out my G5 to be sure it wasn’t possessed by some demon or virus, given all the grief I had recording the record. Having done that, I’ve installed OS 10.4 and Pro Tools and spent a fair amount of time familiarising myself with the program and it’s integration with Reason and Live. I’m not sure, but I think that is how I want to record the next album, should I write one.
I’m still fighting this damned bronchitis that I seem to have had since I got back from London, so energy levels are not at an all time high, and reading manuals for extended periods can be rather soporific. I think I need to get a sofa for the studio.