Thanks to Tapete Records in Hamburg, this collection is now available on vinyl in a limited edition of 1000. The musical content is identical to the UMG CD box set. Remastered for vinyl from UMG’s digital files by the excellent Kai Blankenberg at Skyline Tonfabrik.

Available to North American customers now at our shop.

Also available directly from Tapete here.

Here’s what it is –

The first 4 solo albums (very gently) remastered (there was nothing wrong with the originals).

The ‘lost’ fifth album – Smile If You Want To. Finally mastered as one album. All songs previously released on etc or The Negatives albums. The version of Man On The Verge included here is the original Mick Glossop mix, previously unreleased (it was remixed by Stephen Street for The Negatives).

A 20 demo recordings over 2 LPs including several songs which never quite made it, including my version of Nick Cave’s The Ship Song.

A book written by John O’Connell.

Photography by Kevin Cummins and Youri Lenquette.


Lloyd Cole

1. Don’t Look Back
2. What Do You Know About Love?
3. No Blue Skies
4. Loveless
5. Sweetheart
6. To The Church
7. Downtown
8. A Long Way Down
9. Ice Cream Girl
10. Undressed
11. I Hate To See You Baby Doing That Stuff
12. Waterline
13. Mercy Killing

Don’t get weird on me, babe
1. Butterfly
2. There For Her
3. Margo’s Waltz
4. Half Of Everything
5. Man Enough
06 What He Doesn’t Know
07 Tell Your Sister
08 Weeping Wine
09 To The Lions
10 Pay For It
11 The One You Never Had
12 She’s a Girl and I’m a Man

Bad Vibes
1. Morning Is Broken
2. So You’d Like To Save The World
3. Holier Than Thou
4. Love You So What
5. Wild Mushrooms
6. My Way To You
7. Too Much of a Good Thing
8. Fall Together
9. Mister Wrong
10. Seen The Future
11. Can’t Get Arrested

Love Story

1 Trigger Happy
2. Sentimental Fool
3. I Didn’t Know You Cared
4. Love Ruins Everything
5. Baby
6. Be There
7. Unhappy Song
8. Like Lovers Do
9. Happy For You
10. Traffic
11. Let’s Get Lost
12. For Crying Out Loud

Smile, if you want to

1. Old Enough To Know Better
2. Memphis
3. Love Like This Can’t Last
4. No More Love Songs
5. Man On The Verge*
6. Santa Cruz
7. Alright People
8. You’re A Big Girl Now
9. Another Lover
10. 39 Down
11. Went To Woodstock
12. I’m Gone

bonus tracks
13. Fool You Are (demo)
14. Weakness

*previously unreleased

Demos 88-94
(all previously unreleased)

1. A Long Way Down
2. Sweetheart 
3. Ice Cream Girl
4. Wild Orphan
5. Loveless
6. What Do You Know About Love?  
7. Know You Too Well
8. The Witching Hour
9. The English Weather
10. I Confess
11. To The Lions
12. The Ship Song
13. Pay For It
14. Weeping Wine
15. The One You Never Had
16. Weird On Me
17. Casanova Smith
18. Cold Empty Room
19. Everyday
20. She Loves You