A – I’ve been hesitant to create a Lloyd Cole radio station on Pandora for fear that I would be buried in a wave of 80s nostalgia, instead of the, in my view, more appropriate artists like Dylan, Ray Davies, Leonard Cohen etc.

But I was curious, so I finally sat down and did it this afternoon, The first six artists:

The Smiths
Pete Yorn
The Eels
Duncan Sheik
The Meadows

Not as bad as I had feared, but definitely skewing a little too singer/songwriter for my taste. What’s your reaction?

A – I tried Pandora once I put in Magazine and it gave me a whole lot of nonsense.
I’m lucky – I have friends who are constantly recommending more than I can listen to. I’m always playing catch up. Really looking forward to listening to Dave Bates’ best of 2010 CDs and my pal Pablo’s country compilations on the next tour.
And when it comes to online tips, the best thing I’ve found thus far is the sidebar at YouTube. It seems that every time I go there I find something else I want to see or hear.