Q – I remember watching a great concert given by Lloyd Cole especially for the Irish RTE1 TV Channel (around the time of ‘Don’t get weird on me babe’). I believe that the RTE Concert Orchestra did the orchestration. Are these songs available on video anywhere?

Also, I was browsing through an old video tape and found a Lloyd Cole interview from the time of ‘Bad Vibes’. Dave Fanning (Irish radio/tv presenter) interviewed Lloyd for TV in a Dublin pub. Lloyd, you smoked and drank a glass of Beamish. I was wondering if you remembered this interview.

A – I remember both. I’d have to hope that the orchestral sessions have been destroyed as it was a rushed affair and not really satisfactory at all. I was talking to Dave in the recently refurbished bar at the hotel (name??) we were staing at just around the corner from Lilly’s. It was always a pleasure to meet with him. Hopefully I will see him again before I’m through.