Q – I know you are very much into your golf and play to a good standard. I was wondering what’s in the bag? In my mind I have you down as playing Miura Baby Blades, maybe Titleist woods, Vokeys and probably a Scotty Cameron. All housed in one of those beautiful MacKenzie Walker bags. Could you set me straight on what is currently in the bag including shaft choices please. I’ve maybe spent too much time on Golf WRX! Big thanks for all the music over the years. Don’t Get Weird on Me Babe got me through university so I owe you a debt for that.

A – Well, I’m only answering this to take a break from my record, which is seemingly non stop… and I play to a decent standard, at best. I had my first putt for a 69 last year. I missed it. I’m optimistic that I can get past that 70 number soon, maybe this year…

I’m afraid to say that I am indeed somewhat predictable – I just bought this Walking Golfer bag – http://www.thewalkinggolfer.com/merchandise/llama.html

I’ve messed around with just about every imaginable club over the last few years but I keep going back to the Tourstage Z101s – http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/1500-tourstage-z101/

I made only one ‘upgrade’ this offseason – I had a whacky putter I was putting especially well with refinished, and has the pink insert replaced with milled steel (you know I’m going to suck with the new one) – this is the upgrade – http://www.slightergolf.com/products/refinish.php?id=251&cat=STX&pg=0

I don’t know what driver I will play this season. I’ve only hit the ball twice. My choice the last two seasons was the TaylorMade 425 TP http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/15076-taylor-made-r7-425425-tp/

I may or may not play a fairway wood this season – if I do it will be a Bridgestone 3 wood or a Sonartec 4 wood.

My hybrids are Adams Idea Pro – I checked their site, I guess they don’t make them anymore. They are the best. Everyone uses them. I carry a 2 and a 4 and then go to 5 iron in my basic set (10/11 clubs).

My wedges are Callaway X-Forged by Roger Cleveland. They are, by a country mile, the best wedges he’s made since the 588 – http://www.callawaygolf.com/Global/en-US/Products/Clubs/Wedges/X-ForgedWedges.html

I play the Bridgestone B330 RX – http://www.bridgestonegolf.com/product/balls/tour-b330-rx

You’all should know that I do get some free stuff from Bridgestone Golf (not enough for me to spend $0 a year on balls, but it helps (Tourstage is Bridgestone. I BOUGHT both my sets of Z101s)). They approached me after I made some Gold Digest list…

Re – Titleist – I no longer buy their stuff. That said – the 975D may be the greatest club design post persimmon. Wally U is an ass, this is clear. His son, at least, can play golf… The Pro V is a good ball. I don’t care. When you play 10 or 11 clubs and the other guys are carrying 14, winning is clearly not the only thing you are interested in.

That all said, I still want to win.