Q – We are massive fans and have seen you live for over 20 years , we have tickets for upcoming dates at ******. Just wondered if you would like to come for a meal with my wife and I at ***** just up the hill, before your concert?

A – The reason I almost never answer this type of question is that there is no way to make this type of plan. Reasoning following –

1 / When on tour, I don’t know if I’ll be well, or if I’ll be under the weather. Truth be told, I often arrive in your town, get lunch, do soundcheck and go to bed for a few hours. I’m just run down (last year was like that the whole of the Autumn). Other times I’m up for a game of darts, or a beer, I just don’t know in advance how it’s going to be.

2/ I don’t eat dinner before singing, only lunch. It makes my stomach feel ‘wrong’ to eat too close to singing, not to mention the burping… I’ve only made one exception in the last 15 years and that was for the best Indian restaurant I’ve ever been to – Stoke, of all places.

3/ I’m not comfortable meeting strangers for dinner and I’m less comfortable when they know a whole lot about me and I know nothing about them. I’m not saying it never happens – met some great folk in Dallas one time, I recall… but again, it’s not something I can schedule.

I hope you all understand that I really appreciate the offers, but it’s really not something that makes a lot of sense.

Which leads to lunch. Often lunch is the only ‘quality time’ I have in my day when I’m on tour. Sure, I like to play, but I’m under pressure to deliver. At lunch I can stock up on sustinence and relax. I can’t relax if I’m meeting people for the first time.

If you’d like to enrich my touring experience I’d love if you’d recommend restaurants in your town if I’m coming. I like pretty much all types of food.

Thanks again for all the offers.