Q – While listening to the new album (which is excellent by the way) on repeat, I re-read the studio journals from the beginning. A bunch of songs mentioned didn’t make it onto the record, at least with their “working” titles. Can you tell us what became of: Coattails, Going For A Song, G Minor, I Love Everyone (is this Everysong?), Possible LTR, Neil’s “Green” tune (is this Slip Away?), Rock in the Middle of the Road, Good To Be On Top, and The Other Hand?

A – Briefly – Coattails was not good enough, neither was Good to be On Top, Going for a song – next record, ditto possible LTR, I Love Everyone is Everysong, Green is Slip Away and G Minor is Rolodex Incident. Rock in the MOR is being held for future options, maybe my son can use it??