Download demo of Melodyne software by Celemony, watch Quicktime tutorial – seems like something I could use for vocal harmonies. Very interesting.
More work on the Moby Grape song.
Experiment with various cello ensembles to replace the M-Tron vibes.. no good. Eventually try loading the Garritan vibrophone – sounds good!! Edit part to work with this sound.
A couple of other tracks have a (virtual) moog working like a percussionist with drum machine parts – maybe this would work on this track. Find sound – works well and keeping the moog pedaling on the D while the chords change creates good tension.
Song is ready for bass.
Need to drop off some documents at the bank – break for this and visit to the nearby golf driving range. Resume after lunch.
Kevin arrives with coffee and bass. Play him various tracks to get the idea of the record.
Get a sound – no problem – until we play back and recorded tracks are strangely distorted. Need to reboot the system to get it working properly. By the time it is stable and working properly we only have 30 minutes left.. fortunately we seem to have a pretty good idea for the part and K puts down 3 passes, the last one is great. I will comp them next week.
Song sounds pretty much done.