Based on the very German credits I received from Radio Bremen I decided to keep the vibe have geeky all inclusive credits on the sleeve, so I thought I’d add the information I just received from Mick Glossop, which won’t fit on the sleeve, here –

Here’s his mixing set up for the Dublin recordings –

Vocal, acoustic guitar mic and audience mics all fed from the Digidesign 192 interface outputs via the line inputs of my TLA M1 tube mixer, and further processed as follows:

Vocal: Allison Gain-Brain compressor (RMS sensing, release set to minimum), SSL X-Logic equaliser, Audio & Design band-splitter, incorporating Alesis 3630 compressors on the LF & LMF bands (ratio 6:1, attack: 5 mSec, release: 150 mSec) and SSL E Series channel compressors on the HMF & HF bands (ratio: max, attack: fast, release: minimum), Digidesign De-esser.

Acoustic guitar mic: UA 6176 compressor (ratio 4:1, attack: 6, release: 9), SSL X-Logic equaliser.

Audience mics: Digidesign EQ III single band plug-in providing a high pass filter at 100 Hz to cut the rumble.

The stereo bus of the TLA tube mixer fed through the SSL X-Logic bus compressor (ratio 2:1, attack .3 mSec, release 100 mSec).

The mix was then recorded back into Pro Tools via my Apogee PSX-100 A/D converter at 96 kHz, 24-bit, with Soft Limit enabled.

Here are the rest of the sleeve notes –

Recording engineer: Mick Glossop, assisted by Dan Dryden
Recording hardware: Apple MacBook Pro, Apogee Ensemble
Recording software: Apple Logic (these Logic files were the ones I used to audition the various performances to decide on the final running order)

Guitars: Collings OM 2H, Taylor 612
DI Boxes: L.R. Baggs Para Acoustic
Microphones: Neumann KM 150, Neumann KM 105
Strings: Ernie Ball Slinky Acoustic
Plectra, Capos: Jim Dunlop

Mixing Studio: Magazine Studio
Mixing Engineer: Mick Glossop
Mixing Hardware: See above
Mixing software: Digidesign Pro Tools

Radio Bremen notes –

Venue: Sendesaal Radio Bremen, Bremen, Germany
Recording engineer: Klaus Schumann
Recording technicians: Christine Potschkat, Inge Schmidt
Radio Bremen mastering: Gisela Kniemeyer
Concert and recording production for Radio Bremen: Volker Steppat, Arne Schumacher

Guitars: Taylor K22, Taylor 612
DI Boxes: Little Labs Multiple Z
Microphones: Neumann KM 150, Neumann KM 105
Strings: Ernie Ball Earthwood
Plectra, Capos: Jim Dunlop

The Bremen recordings were mixed as I played and were delivered to me on a CD, several years ago, actually. Yesterday I went through the tracks and edited the start and end points, using Bias Peak, keeping chat (the atmosphere was a little strange so the dialogue doesn’t work out of context) and applause to a minimum. I then applied a gentle compression to all of the tracks using the Waves Renaissance Compressor plug in, Electro Mastering preset tweaked to only quieten the very loudest moments. Maximum gain reduction was around 3 db. All 15 tracks were renamed and uploaded to my server, where they will be available for the mastering engineer in Germany to download and make a record. It was a long day.