Memorial Day – seems like I’m the only one working in my studio’s building..
Dull stuff – Update iTunes to have rough mixes on hand at home, back up audio disk.
Start work on ‘It’s good to be on top’ another small song I started writing years ago with Gary Clark (when we wrote That Boy) and I still haven’t finished it, but it just needs some editing, I hope..
Fing audio files of guiatrs from sketch from last year. Set tempo and import.
Create drum kit – more work in BFD – I have found that I can create hybrid drums be rearranging the contents of various data folders in the BFD database. This enables me to have the side stick from one snare and the hit from another in the same kit. BFD did not intend this to be, but I like it..
Simple drum beat for now.
Bass part, yet another 1,2,1,2 country type part.
Find Linplug Albino synth part that works a little like an organ drone with moving filter resonances. Promising.
Go home.
Fine tune and re-record the 3 guitar parts. Country rhythm on Collings, jangly on open tuned Taylor and chorus melody on Nylon strung. Take several passes of each and comp.
Try vibes and glockenspeil on chorus – vibes work, lose Glock for now. Add Prophet sound (R Hanline) to create soundscape where, hopefully, you can’t tell which is the synth or the vibes.. as they overlap. Add hand cymbals for accents.
Create ‘amplifier’ with a leslie cabinet plug in – put Albino synth through it – creates more movement and creates a less synthetic feel.
Needs more work, but promising.