Q – Dear Lloyd,

I hope you had a nice birthday.

Last year you wrote here that plans exist to release your outtakes from MUSIC IN THE FOREIGN LANGUAGE. I was very happy to read this but till today I didn’t read more about this plan.

Also I m looking here and on the Roedlius sides about your work for your project together. Is there any idea for a release from the Vienna musician with you? I also read that he works on a updated version of your PW album? Do you know if your fans got a chance to hear the result?

All the best for your European tour.

A – Hi Uwe! Apologies for taking so long to reply, I am now 51 years and 1 month old.

I do hope to make a white label CD for webshop and tour sales only most years. The Small Ensemble CD was a much beigger success than we anticipated… The Music in a Foreign Language CD would be first choice, or maybe the unreleased album that never came out and some of which became ‘etc’ and the Negatives…

My work on the Roedelius collaboration is done. It is rather strange – I don’t really know what the overall feel of the album will be. I’ve never made a record like this. It’s with JHR and Bureau B now. I trust they will do a good job.

I don’t expect to have a new songs record out this year but I do hope to finish the songs for it. I may try to make a new Folksinger CD in my travels trying out the songs.

There is also a possibility, slim, but real that some live Small Ensemble recordings could be assembled into an album.

Tapete and my new management team will also continue the dialogue which I begun to look into getting the out of print albums back in print. Possibly more box sets ala Cleaning Out the Ashtrays.