Here it is now, almost complete – whatever that means…

Voltage Controlled Oscillators –

The Harvestman Hertz Donut (digital)

Synthesis Technology – e350 morphing terrarium

Synthesis Technology – e340 cloud generator (not in photo – arriving next week)

2@ Bubblesound VCOb

Livewire Adio Frequency Generator

Bubblesound uLFO (can be used for audio also)

Livewire Dalek modulator (Dual VCO ring modulator)

Filters –

Malekko Wiard Borg Filter 1

Intellijel Designs Corgasmatron

Make Noise Optomix (low pass gate)

TipTop z2040

Envelope Generators –

2@ Make Noise Maths
The Harvestman Double Andore

Voltage Controlled Amplifiers –

Malekko Heavy Industries VCA
Make Noise Moddemix

Signal Processing –

Flight of Harmony Plague Bearer (yes, some of the module names are uber geeky but what should one expect?)

Mixers, attenuators –

Fonitronic mh01: attenuverting mixer

Circuit Abbey Unify (4>2 stereo mixer)

Intellijel Unity Mixer

Intellijel uatt

Manhattan Audio mix

Clock sources –

Flame Clockwork

Midi interfaces –

Kenton Modular Solo

Expert Sleepers es-3

Sequencers –

TipTop z-8000

Make Noise Rene

Make Noise Brains/Pressure Points

Trigger Sequencers –

2@ Intellijel ustep

Quantizers –

2@ Intellijel uscale

Clock dividers / Sequencing utilities

Doepfer 160, 161, 151

4ms Rotating Clock Divider

Pittsburgh Modular Timetable

Random CV and gate generators –

Make Noise Wiard Wogglebug

Malleko Wiard NoiseRing

Effect Send/Returns –

2@ Doepfer 138d

Mults –

4@ Division 6 multiplicity vi