Q – Moose is in my opinion one of the most underrated indie band of the 90s. They released a handful of records, all very good. On their debut album XYZ, they kinda borrowed the intro of ‘Are you ready to be heartbroken?’ and took it in another direction in the song ‘Everybody’s talking’ (did you know that ?).

In return, each time I listen to Etc, I can’t prevent myself from thinking of Moose. The instrumental songs on your album, especially ‘Sunburst’ with its many overlayed acoustic guitar parts and delicate arrangements, somehow remind me of their subtle songwriting.

I found this connection interesting and wanted to know your opinion about that. Do you know the music of Moose and do you appreciate it ? Did you have the opportunity to meet the band members sometime ?

A – Never heard them. I will give them a listen.

Publication date: 23/08/2005