Monday 26th
I have just dusted off my old DrumKat midi drum controller (you can hit it with sticks) and last week I purchased a hardware upgrade. This arrived late last week. I put the new chip in today, dug out an old 3 tier keyboard stand and installed it on tier two above the small piano controller and below the minimoog.
Spent an hour or so bashing away and several hours with the manual trying to program it to do what I’ll need. Several more days will be needed until I’m fluent with this.
Went back to work on the drums for I Love Everyone and was pleased to not hate what I’d done last week. The snare drum is different from any of the other songs, and I’d been worried that it would not sound kindred enough to the rest of the album drums. I don’t think this will be a problem.
Programmed some small fills and added some tiny 6 and 8″ cymbals.

Running out of time I unpack my new Neumann microphone – an M147, which has a modern capsule base on the old U47 one. Make appropriate connections, and make room for it. Will A/B with the U67 ASAP.