Finish compiling and arranging tracks for Woman in a Bar. More work on drum kit until kit is close to being right.
Make rough mix.
Re-install Waves plug ins – I bought these for MIAFL but they needed updating/upgrading to work with the newer Mac OS and DP. Telephone to tech support needed to get them authorised. Thankfully the tech was friendly and smart. That is another hour gone.
The tracks imported from Logic are messed up. Midi is all over the place. Re – export with dummy notes on bar 1 beat 1 to be sure tracks align properly.
Sure enough Logic crashes several times when attempting to do something as simple as this..
Export audio and midi for Going for a Song and G Minor (working title).
Creat DP files for these two songs. This is incredibly tedious and takes the rest of the day.
Hopefully that is all for import / export.