Tuesday 23rd

Back to NYC Sunshine. Guitars recorded yesterday are fine and comping a final track is easier than expected.
Go back to 3rd acoustic adlib part and find that as it is a repeating pattern there is enough good stuff to put a composite track together. Again easier than anticipated. Treat this track with PSP Treble plug-in to make it stand out from other guitars.
Spend rest of the day with telecaster looking for another element for the playout, which has become song part 2, really. Hours later I have a hint of an idea that I might be able to play to Neil and ask him to do something like that but better.. I was looking for a repeating melody which could shift in its impact as it coincides with different chords or beats.. like MIAFL.
I noodle around and find some Steve Cropper type shapes that seem to work in a way that I had not envisioned at all. Record them, put a track together and find that they almost exactly mirror the inflections of the nylon strung part, even though the playing is quite different, different guitar, different tuning. Add echo and chorus (!! I almost never use chorus, but this is a slinky kind of part that and it seems to help). Maybe on to something.
The new Cropper part doesn’t seem to want to coexist with the 3rd acoustic part so program fade out for acoustic and fade in for tele.
Fine tune a couple of sticky drum bits.
Make rough mix.