More of the same at my end. Two of the short listed tracks seemed weaker than the rest. Even though they were constructed the same way, they didn’t seem to sit with the rest of the tracks. So I went looking for more and I found two very slight pieces, one quite recent and one from very early in my modular studies, both of which have a certain whimsical charm to them it seemed to me. So I made some edits and sent them to Chris and he agreed – much better. So now side one is looking like 8 tracks, some very short, and side two – probably 4 tracks, some very long.

Chris sent over vector pdfs of his artwork and that has been forwarded to Bureau B, and Dave Bates is now on board as running order consultant. I think Dave has helped me with more than half of my releases since 1995 when he was A&R for Love Story and was the one who came up with the idea of opening with Trigger Happy.

The next couple of days I need to take a break from this. I have to advance my concerts. There isn’t much that I can do now, anyhow. We are waiting for Jonas to return from tour to complete the editing. That should be next week. Then I’ll title the tracks – all of them have had working titles, some of which I came to like, but most need proper titles, if we’re not going to just number them. That will be interesting.