Wednesday 28th

All day on WIAB, finishing with a rough mix which is not bad.
I manage to salvage the acoustic guiatr, for now, anyway, by editing – replacing poor playing with decent stuff from elsewhere in the arrangement. Manage to piece together something which plays through the whole new arrangement, but it may be a little linear and lacking dynamic. We shall see, it will work for now.
More editing and tidying up of edits on the piano track.
Most of the day is spent on the drum track which is good, although I’m now getting very worried that I’m a one trick drum programmer and all my fills sound the same. I hope not!!
Then back to that tambourine, and with acombination of more and less echo and more programming it sounds OK.
Work more on string part but abandon idea, with a note that the idea might work on guitar at a later date.
Off to Oporto tomorrow so that’s it for studio work for a while. Will take rough mixes in iPod to review.
Only Coattails and Traveling Light have not been revisited and given final arrangements.