Back in 1986, I spent some holidays with my two best friends in California and I insisted on going to Morro Bay just because “Rich” was ( and still is) one of my favourite songs ( though I tend to prefer “Man enough to pray” now. I’ve just recieved the CD bought on the Web ( I had the LP before but hadn’t been able to listen to it for ages). I listened to “Rich” again, 20 years later. And that’s the point of that message. I’m 41, a teacher, a father of two girls – but the memory so powerful that I was on the brink of tears. I have always been a fan of yours, since your first concert in Paris ( in 1984, we were about a hundred people) ( I’m French) – and you remain one of my major influences. My fourth novel is going to be published next week in France ( publisher: Robert Laffont) and I’m working on the fifth – and somewhere, in that fifth novel, there will be me, you and Morro Bay. Thank you for existing
j-p blondel