I had a few days over the last few years when I wanted to create something or other with my modular synth and I just found myself staring at it wondering ‘Where could I possibly start?’ It had grown overwhelmingly.

I downsized considerably over the last 12 months and still recently I was struck with the same feeling… so I’ve decided to take the leviathan and break it down into stand alone micro systems. Rather like the Transformers movies in reverse. And like the movies the various parts could still work together as one thing, but they don’t need to, and I can take one small case on tour with me without breaking the system apart being a huge deal.

I have 2 upcoming electronic sorties – an installation in Adelaide and a performance in Hamburg. The installation I’m fairly confident I can pull off, but as you may recall I pulled out of a series of live concerts not long ago because I didn’t think I could do it… What I plan to do this time around is, rather than make several pieces/patches with one large system, I’ll bring 4 or 5 mini systems and make 4 or 5 pieces of music.

The first case I started work on after we got home from tour is for the installation. It’s ongoing, more on that later. Today I put together a case of mostly Make Noise modules, rather like one of their systems.  This is it.


11_22_17_rxmx_deco_erbeThis patch sound like this. More to follow.