Building Air Conditioner isn’t functioning. Studio is a sauna and it’s only 7.45! Almost give up and go home but get used to it after an hour or so, shirt is soaked anyway.
Start work on a tune of Neil Clark’s working title (his) – Green. It is a jangly echoey guitar piece with Erik Satie-ish chords. N sent me the basic audio files last week. These are guitar, bass, eBow guitar and synth. Assemble these in a new DP file.
Create simple drum beat to work with. Play piano along with Neil’s parts, this sounds promising, but his song structure doesn’t seem like it will work with vocals. Play around with the chords, getting somewhere. Try some simple guitar. Piano is better to define chords.
Work more on drums – get something that has a similar rhythm to N’s mix, but sounds like the drummer on my project.
2PM and I’m completely soaked and worn out. Old man! Lunch and then play 9 holes on the way home, it is very hot, walk very slowly between shots.