Q – Some 10 years I wondered and now I can ask you directly – so please let me know 🙂

I just sat down at home after your Sunday evening concert in Malmö on October 26th – IT WAS GREAT – thank you! My question goes back to the days when I lived in Newcastle, UK in the late 90’s I had a ticket to see you, however, you never showed. Now, anyone who has been to Newcastle knows that a night out with the Gordies is anything but calm – if you’re out Friday you’re lucky to be OK Monday. In one of your songs you wrote “…and never again in Newcastle, there always one more for the road…”, was that the night before the concert and if so where did you go what did you do?

A – Thank you! Even though I was sick, I enjoyed this run of shows. The Palladium is a lovely place, even if parking is all but impossible. Regarding Newcastle – I think I can honestly say that I have NEVER not shown up for a show. I have had tours booked, or dates provisionally held, which had to be cancelled, but the cancellation was always at least a month in advance… if you had a ticket for Newcastle (I’m guessing it would have been the ill fated Stage 2 of the ‘The Collection’ tour which never happened as I left Mercury/Universal around then) and you weren’t made aware of the cancellation I can only apologise. It’s expensive enough for promoters to advertise tours. I’m sure they can’t afford to put an equal budget into letting folk know when concerts are cancelled or postponed. We have the internet, now. So I’m afraid there is no connection between the song and your experience. Which is not to say that I’ve never had a drink in Newcastle… I think the lyric was actually inspired by our legendary guitar tech – Paul Rogers – on the Love Story tour. Much more than that I’m not sure if I’m at liberty to say.

Publication date: 26/10/2008