Q – I was wondering what, if anything you could tell me about “Nevers End.” I was lucky enough to find a copy of the German Import of “Easy Pieces” which has that as the last track. I consider the song one of my absolute favorites of yours and a wonderful closer to the album. I was wondering if maybe you’d intended it to be the last song, but it wound up getting left off the regular release? If you could share anything about the song, as far as why it wasn’t included on the ‘album proper,’ I’d appreciate it. I’m just curious!

A – The song was written and recorded quickly in the second studio at Westside, where we were recording the second album ‘proper’. B-sides for forthcoming singles would be needed. As was our luck on that record – several of the songs which ended up on b-sides were superior to those which made the album.. maybe that system is flawed? I certainly feel that I have ‘wasted’ many of my better songs fulfilling the requirements of single releases. It took a little while to realise that I had no direct control over the quality of my output from week to week..