So it is no longer a secret – my next album of songs will not be only guitars, drums, etc.

I will be integrating my various synths, and the sound will not be something people could categorize as folk or acoustic. Beyond that I can’t tell you much. I’m still working on the idea.

Today I brought home to my garret studio my Kurzweil PC2R, a Samson patchbay, and my Moog guitar.

I have guitar sound in my head which I haven’t heard before and I think I can get it from the Moog. I will keep you posted.

Here’s what is not fun in the process of creating a working environment to make an album – accommodating one’s eyesight and / or physical ailments…

Where the large monitor was 2 years ago no longer works for me… It was too far away for no glasses and too close for wearing them. Thankfully there was a solution but it took most of a day. See photo. Special thanks to Dan Dryden for the blue pedal (now multi-function) boards.

Here’s what is fun – I have a keyboard right here and I have a patchbay right there – I can take a sound and route it, old school, via compressor pedals, EQs, echos, etc and record without having to leave my chair… which is great because sometimes that hurts (see maybe damaged L-3), and I don’t have an assistant engineer up here.

More ASAP.