Q – I don't know if you are aware of this or not, you seem to have a lot going on in your own musical life, but Jill Sobule's new album, "California Years" was produced thanks to donations from her fans. I was wondering, is this something you would ever do? And, did you contribute? (I had to ask!!!)

A – I did know this, in fact we've been in touch recently about touring together later this year – fingers crossed. I'm looking into ideas for my next project right now. I'm thinking that I'd prefer to do a limited edition prepayed version of the album – with outtakes, notes, photos, etc which would sell for maybe fifty pounds sterling ($75). Same price for all. Although if you wanted to contribute more there would be no limit to how many you could buy… I'm thinking of using the Cleaning out the ashtryas box format. These would be numbered and signed and strictly limited. They would also ship in advance of any retail version. The next project has not been properly budgeted yet, so this idea, and these numbers are fuzzy, sketchy, right now. Still, I do think I prefer this idea to taking advances from record companies, though, and it would put me in a stronger bargaining position with them, especially pertaining to marketing budgets.

Thoughts, anyone?

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