Monday, Tuesday.
So we’re just about moved in. Moving is no fun and I’m not doing it again for a long time.
I had ordered some studio upgrades. Monday I spent a dull day installing and testing the new ‘virtual’ instruments. A Sampler – Kontakt, and an Electric Piano, both from Native Instruments. And the new, supposedly latest greatest Grand Piano for computers – Ivory by Synthogy – some folk who used to work at Kurzweil, who made most of the electronic pianos I’ve used over the years.
These things take up a lot of disk space and take literally hours to install. So that was Monday, pretty much. All installed and all seem to be working.
Fooling around with Ivory I composed a simple tune which I then fleshed out with Electric Piano, a second piano in Kontakt, and echos. Put the whole thing through a tape machine simulator and distorted/compressed it. Gels well, now. Maybe it should go on a Plastic Wood record, maybe a song record??
Thursday. Went in for an hour in the evening to check simple tune and started work removing some textures and adding some drums so it might become a song song. Promising.