Monday 5th June

Recording at Chris Hughes’ studio Ashley Manor, near Bath.
The plan is to breath some life into the rather soporific vocal performances on The Young Idealsists, Woman in a Bar and Antidepressant.
Arrived last night, had curry and beer with Chris, reviewed situation. I am fresh and rested, for a change.
Today we go over the recalls that Mick and I have done, and all succeed in making the improvements hoped for.

The Young Idealsists. CH suggests I sing the song as I would if there was an audience. We are looking for a little more ‘front’ on the singing, a little more force, which is tricky because the song is fairly laid back. I follow directions as best as I can and a few hours later we have a new lead vocal and several harmony tracks. ‘Best Friends Girl’ handclaps added to the mid section.

On to Woman in a Bar, which is more difficult for me because the somewhat lazy, behind the beat feel is what I was going for.. but I am not always smart.. I end up backing off the mic a little to force myself to sing a little louder and CH seems happy.

Tues 6th June

More WIAB. C and M compile the lead vocal from 4 takes from last night. We then spend quite a long time with Chris and his engineer Mark Frith coming up with harmony ideas, and me trying to sing them. This has never been my forte.. however they are happy and I think I am, if I’m not I don’t have to use them..

Much email going back and forth. Bunt, who mastered MIAFL is only available next Monday. Will we be ready?? We don’t know. Will consult Mick G tomorrow.

CH and Mark introduce me to I recommend you all have a look, especially fans of The Office.

On to Antidepressant. CH thinks that the distortion on the previous vocal makes it worse because it almosts suggest that it is trying to mask a lacklustre performance. Maybe.. So I have to try to sing this one like I’m a lot younger than I usually feel. My throat is hurting when we’re finished but maybe the new vocal doesn’t need any help at all now?? The good news here is that the original harmony vocals all still work with the new one so by 7.45 CH is driving me to the station and I’m in London by midnight. We have all 3 vocals done and CH thinks we’re on course to make a great record.