OK, so we’re getting close enough that if studios and musicians and producers aren’t booked soon we won’t be able to make an Autumn release. Really. We need the album mixed in late Spring, I believe, for September in the stores.

So Dave Derby and I have been busy –

He has agreed to co-produce with Thom Monahan http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thom_Monahan. DD knows my work better than just about anyone, I trust his ear, and I love the sound of Thom’s records. I can’t say for sure that they will make the record as we are just getting started talking budgets, and schedules, but they are both available when I want to do it (March) and both are very keen.

Big news – Fred Maher is IN. He had said he was keen before but today I asked him if he was still keen on a tiny budget, and he is! He is ideal for the songs I’m working on, I think. More good news – the great Rainy Ortega can play bass – http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Who_is_rainy_orteca. Rainy played in Brilliantine when I was in the band. She is super great and really funny. She and Fred will be monstrous.

Also confirmed –

Joan Wasser http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joan_Wasser – if you’ve heard Joan as Policewoman you’ll know what a coup this is. Hopefully I can get her to play some violin, I love her piano playing and her harmonies are wonderful.

Blair Cowan – organ and accordian. I can confirm that BC is on great form as of last month in Glasgow. He had offered to do a remote session but if I can I’d love to get him back in NYC. Otherwise I’ll go to Glasgow with my laptop.

Bob Hoffnar – pedal steel player, last played with me on Bad Vibes.

The Small Ensemble on stringed instruments acoustic and electric – Matt Cullen http://www.thehummingfield.com/music.html and Mark Schwaber http://www.markschwaber.com/

I expect to be putting most of my energies into song arrangement, rhythm guitars and singing.

If we get this whole group to make the record, and I deliver the right songs, I’ve no doubt it will be great.