I’ve played this before Why I Love Country Music many times as they both use the same capo position so it makes sense to add this now…

I wrote this in about 15 minutes when Polydor told me there was no single on my first solo album (Undressed?). Quine came up with his guitar hook the first time he heard it. The vocal is a one take (it was meant to be a scratch vocal) which is why there is no verse three – I hadn’t written one and eventually all around me persuaded me that it was fine with less words and I would never sing it better than this. Probably right. I did try.

Songs don’t come much simpler than this.



Verse 1

A, F#m, A, F#m, A, F#m, E, DM9

Verse 2 and 3 the same with an extra bar of D at the end before the chorus


A, D, A, D, A, F#m, E, D

Chorus 2 holds the D an extra two bars before the Bridge


E, E/G, E/F#
E, E/G, E/F#
E, E/G, E/F#
E, A, E/G, E/F#, E
BM9, D, E

Solo – same as verse

Final Chorus is a double one

Playout on DM9

See chart – depending on how I’m feeling I’ll change the F#m, the D and the E around. Usually I keep the Chords pretty straight in the chorus, using the m7 and M9 more in the verses.

Note – the Bridge is (almost exactly the same as) Bela Lugosi’s Dead (Bauhaus). Thankfully I didn’t notice this until a few years after I’d written it.