This live version of this song on the black Taylor inspired the rerecording which went on Music in a Foreign Language. I opened the set with this version for most of 2001, as I recall.

It’s in open Eb, the version on the Negatives is in D.

When I hold on the Eb between vocal lines I ad lib with various inversions I can move between to create melodies. I’ve included the two most common ones I do on the sheet. I try to end the verse at an inversion of Eb that is close to the nut of the guitar so I don’t have far to go to get to the F min chord.

Intro / Verse / Solo / Playout
C min / Ab / Eb

B – Verse
F min / Bb / G min / Am


Eb / Bb / F min / Ab

Tag at the end of Chorus 2
Bb / F min

Last chorus – add an extra Ab min before the playout.

I usually end the song on the upbeat before the Eb by hitting a 12th fret harmonic chord. If I’m in a good mood I’ll reach for my drink while it is ringing.

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