Wednesday 17th

Day punctuated by car’s 30,000 mile service. That loses me an hour.

Make rough mix of the Moby Grape song to send to M Glossop and F Maher, who I’m hoping to enlist to help me with the drums.
Email problems – mp3s bounced. Mick doesn’t get them. More pain..

Start work on new track – NYC Sunshine – maybe the oldest of the songs for this project. Started in the mid/late 90’s when we still lived in NYC. Finished 2001/2. Kept from MIFL sessions because of 9/11.
Get out guitar and try to remember it. Decide on Eb for the key. Acoustic live version is played on Black Taylor with open Eb tuning (D tuning one step down).
So I start with that. Find a tempo of 70 BPM seems to work. Record guide guiatar track after making click track.
I alway imagined this tune would be piano driven, with strings and drums so I play a simple 1/2/1/2 piano part. Not inspiring at all.
Maybe I need some bass for the piano to play against. Usual Trilogy sound – half an hour and I have something cool that I hadn’t expected. Bass line half following vocal is good.
Try typical Linplug Albino arpegiator sound – same as last song – sure enough, sounds like congas, makes the piano sound considerably less dull.
Electric Piano – maybe a repeating phrase ala Late Night, Early Town?? find a desceding melody which is pleasant but predicatable. Put it through an echo and mute the original signal. Less predicatable and more musical now.
Fool around for a while with these elements, muting this and that. Overall: encouraged.
Go to Home Depot to get propane weed burner. Go home, burn weeds, mow lawn.