Q – I was just wondering if the harmonica is due a come back on your new album? It’s only ever been an occasional, but all the more effective for it, visitor in your music. Is this a conscious decision or is it just a coincidence it hasn’t appeared more often? Apart from “Undressed” which has a Dylan style harmonica arrangement most of the time its use has a very John Barryesque sound which is very high praise indeed. Even Perfect Blue from your Commotion’s days has a slightly melancholy feel to it. Of course “What he doesn’t know” and “There for her” are the perfect examples of melancholy harmonica playing. Maybe that’s why you haven‘t used it recently, because how can you beat those tracks?

A – There are a couple of harmonicas lying around the studio. I have tried a little here and there and no fianl decisions yet, but maybe.. I would play harmonica live if I could but those neck brace things that seem to be easy enough for Bruce and Bob to use cause me no end of trouble, no least snagging my beard!