Learn how to make rough mixes, properly, in Digital Performer. Mix Coattails.
Send Coattails and Traveling Light mixes to Mick Glossop (by Skype) for opinions.
Adjust basic DP template to include mixing to mp3 (see above) and Amplifier bus.
Figure out hard disk back up strategy. Decide on weekly manual back up. Dull but safe.
Back up all data to 3 DVDs – slow work. Make various overdue phone calls and pick up repaired golf clubs while waiting for DVDs to burn.
Return to remaining pre-crash Logic files and prepare them for export to DP. Tedious stuff.
Create new DP file for ‘Woman in a Bar’ import Logic audio and midi. Create drum kit in BFD to accept existing parts – results so so. All does not work.. bass track seems to have been corrupted in transfer. More fun. Will fix tomorrow.