Q – Hi Lloyd, Saw you play Bristol back in 2003 supporting the “Music in a foreign language” album. Got to meet you after the show and gave you a copy of a tape I bought in a music exhcange shop some years ago containing demos for the Commotions “Mainstream” album.
You said at the time that you had forgotten recording some of the tracks one of which included “Oh Genevieve”. I take it this is the one you have recorded for the new cd?
If so can you shed some light on the track and the other unreleased demos from the tape. Glad i had time to rummage through all those second hand Bros and Inxs tapes! I think you owe me one…

A – The new song is not that song. I have been trying to write a song called ‘Oh Genevieve’ for a long, long time. That one may not have been the first try. Strangely, the new song is a reworking of another old tune, of Blair’s from 1982 or 83 that I wrote words for then, it was called ‘Kids’. Blair sent me a demo of his reworking and I loved it, as did Dave Derby, so we recorded it instrumentally and I wrote words (not many – it is a very simple song) in the studio.