I saw some frustration in my refusal to name the peers I don’t rate. Sorry about that. My experience from day one, almost, was that the awful bands we met at TV shows were always lovely people. And it’s a free country/world and bad taste isn’t a crime. Still, flying to Oslo on Continental this song played before we took off, and again at landing. I think it is the worst song I’ve ever heard. So I finally googled to see who it is – the artist is called David Cook and he seems to have some ‘Idol’ link – maybe he’s one of the winners. This song makes a Nickelback power ballad sound not too bad. He’s almost certainly a nice guy, no publicity is bad publicity, right?


I wondered who wrote it. It gets better – From wikipedia – The song is the winner out of thousands of entries for the 2008 American Idol Songwriter’s Competition, and was written by Regie Hamm and Daniel Coursey.


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