Q – Seeing as the new compilation is to be titled ‘Cleaning out the Ashtrays’, i thought it an appropriate time to enquire about the track ‘Old Hats’, off the live BBC Glastonbury CD. I know it turned up later on a b side as ‘Witching Hour’ (coincidentally, also one of my personal favourites), but was it ever considered for release in Commotions days? Was it perhaps intended for Mainstream, and was it ever demo-ed or recorded at any time? Also, what is it about exactly? The version on the BBC CD, I think, has one of the most impassioned vocals I think I’ve ever heard you deliver! (you may disagree!)

A – It was from that period leading up to mainstream when we could not figure out if we wanted to be Talking Heads or The Rolling Stones. I’d say that this one was leaning towards the Stones. It never really fit in with the Mainstream vibe which we eventually went with so it fell bey the wayside. I’m pretty sure we did demo it but i don’t have a copy. I’m currently in touch with an old friend who is working at Universal to see if I can find lost demos etc..
What was it about? I’m not really sure but it sounds like one of those Positively 4th Street put down rewrites that I wrote far too many of. Impassioned? I don’t think I really knew what I was doing, I just knew I needed to sound angry so I got louder and hoarser.