Just after your gigs in Sydney last year I was at home with my 4yr old son playing with lego. We were also listening to the Antidepressant CD. All of a sudden my son looked at me and said “Mum, what’s a New York City?”. After I stopped laughing, I replied “Well in America there is a big big city where people from all of world go to live. Many people dream of going there, it is a special place that means different things to different people. Everyone sees things differently, and that is a good thing. Like this song. To me, it is about the man wanting to take his son into the city to see all the wonderful Museums and sights. He loves his boy and wants to enjoy a day with him on an adventure. Your Dad and I can’t wait to take you there one day.”
My son seemed pretty happy my explaination and that was the end of it…I thought.

A couple of weeks later we were in the car, Charlotte Street was playing. “Gee Mum, New York must be a great place, ’cause that man can’t stop singing about it”!

Needless to say we have agreed to take him to NYC this Christmas Holidays.

(Can’t tell how glad I was that he didn’t ask me what a junkie was…)