Q – I read somewhere that your father happened to run a golf course when you were young. Is it true ? Was it him who gave you the taste for golf ?

And while we’re in the parents chapter, in which way did they contribute in your musical culture ? What music did they listen to at home and how did it influence you ?

A – I wonder if I would have taken up golf if not for them taking that job? I think it would have taken me many more years to find the game and I might well have become quite miserable without it as I was quite ready to stop playing football (soccer) at this time.

Regarding the music in our house – there was always plenty of it. My father played the piano in a self taught Fats Domino style, they had all of the Beatles albums… and I was not dissuaded from my desire to spend ALL of my pocket money and meagre earnings on records and music magazines…