Q – Hi Lloyd – I’m sure I remember Bourgie Bourgie supporting the Commotions in the early days of 1984. Were you a fan? One of those bands tipped for big things like the Commotions but who split up before they’d even really got going.

Have you heard the two solo albums that Paul Quinn released in the mid-90’s? They are particularly good – and of course Blair Cowan plays on them, so I’m guessing you might know them.

A – Hard to be an actual fan at the time as they were so bloody competitive – actually Mick wasn’t, Paul wasn’t, was Keith? Maybe it was just Ian, but it was very much Ian’s band, it seemed. We did like them, actually, and everyone loved Paul, no one knew, at the time, that he was sick. We only ever played one concert together – we were billed as ‘special guests’ at a concert in Edinburgh. ie. we opened for them but no one was allowed to say that… Ian’s string arrangement on Breaking Point is amazing for someone so new to record production. On rattlesnakes I just sung the melodies I wanted to Anne Dudley and she did the rest.

The Independent group records are patchy but the good moments are very good indeed. Stupid Thing is Paul’s best recording IMHO.

I hope he’s doing well, I haven’t seen him for the longest time.

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