Wednesday 7th, Thursday 8th and Friday 9th of June

Back in London with hard drive containing new vocals and handclaps. Off to Mick Glossop’s place again and we listen through to all the new ideas – CH has twisted my arm and I’ve sung a few harmonies, so there is explaining to be done – some are very subtle, some less so.. I leave Mick for most of Wednesday to go through the vocal tracks and do whatever it is that he does to vocal tracks. Next day we finish the remixes of Antidepressant and Young Idealists, and almost finish Woman in a Bar. All songs are considerably spunkier than before, noteable Antidep which I no longer hate hearing.. Reconvene at 4 on Friday and WIAB is finished around 6. We make CDs for me, Mick, record Co. and management and I’m in Masala Zone by 8.30.

The album will be mastered on Monday with a start time of 10.30 AM. I will report back with the finalised running order. 11 songs, just over 40 minutes. How could that take 18 months?