I just checked out the website of Peter Hagerstrand, a fellow swedish speaking finn, who used to be in a fine band called Good Evening Manchester.

On his site (if you click on “HOR” on the bottom of the page, there is a track called “Baby” (click on it to listen) that he says didn’t make it to any GEM-album because somebody in the band thought it soundet too much like “Lost Weekend”.

I guess it partly does, but I don’t think it’s THAT obvious (and didn’t “LW” build on Iggy Pop!?)

(Also of interest is the track “Historien om ett hus” – made for a tv-documentary. Hagerstrand says he was stunned when he saw Scorcese’s Gangs of New York, since the main theme was almost identical to his song. I found it on the net and it surely was very similar…)


Given that 95% of music I hear does nothing for me I was pleasantly surprised by Peter’s. His website is so well done that not speaking the language doesn’t really hurt. Not sure the song owes much to us, really, but – sonically, at least, it is much easier on my ears than ‘Lost Weekend’. Thanks for the note, LC

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