Took delivery of latest Ableton Live and Arturia Analogue Laboratory yesterday and I was impatient to try them out. Given that my G5 is dead, at least for now, I needed another plan so I got my old macbook pro out of the cupboard (I’d been storing it for my youngest son for when his eMac dies – likely soon (all these computers dying is depressing, isn’t it?)).

Before doing anything I downloaded superduper and created an exact copy of the mbp hard drive so, in case I screw things up, nothing is lost. Checked it works as a start up drive, it does, albeit slowly.

The G5 is/was completely set up for audio. The mbp – no so much, so I connected it to my Apogee MiniMe and once I figured out that the MiniMe doesn’t seem to transmit audio on SPDIF, and I connected the 1/8″ TRS to the stereo, it works. Then I had to install the drivers for the MOTU midi interface. Dull stuff indeed.

Next I installed Analogue Lab and it works. However, the Analogue Experience keyboard does not integrate like it does with Analogue Factory, which is annoying, as I upgraded to AL, from AF thinking it was just an extension of what I already had…

By this time it was late. I’ll install Live today and see if I can work this way. The screen isn’t so easy on my aging eyes, I may need a new lens prescription. However, the whole set up would fit in the back seat of my car, which is attractive.