Q – One day, or rather one night after one of your concerts in Montpellier (France), a few years ago, I asked you if you would play with Matthew Sweet again. If my memory serves me right, you said yes. Well I still don’t know if you met or played together again but I still think something nice could come out of it now.
I know it may sound stupid and nostalgic idea, coming from a 35 year old father of a one-year old daughter, but it just feels so good to imagine Lloyd Cole and Matthew Sweet playing once more a few tunes, maybe more experienced songs ?

A – I never say never. But it seems unlikely. I love what Matthew does with multitracked vocals, and I like it much more than I did when we were working together, so, I guess if I could have him sing on my next project, I would… I certainly get to hear enough of his music these days – my son’s room is below my office, and he plays Girlfriend on his guitar all the time.