Thursday Nov 3rd

Well, this last week has been rather slow. I did get half of ‘How wrong can you be?’ written and much sketching was done for verse two.
David, my local string arranger pal did a great job expanding my ideas for ‘I didn’t see it coming’ and the lyric to that is now fine.
I took delivery of a new mixing controller by Tascam that is going to help us mix the record here. That took a half a day or so to connect and figure out where it will go and how it works..
I spent the last couple of days trying to flesh out the lyric to ‘It’s good to be on top’ but I’m not having a lot of luck. I feel that my lyric writing has lost almost all abandon, which is good in that I don’t want to write glib filler lines, but bad as I’ve become such a harsh critic. I’d rather say nothing than rehash verse one in verse two. Some song ideas are so simple, and sometimes one dimesional, that I sometimes feel that I’ve said all I want to in verse one, chorus one. What do I do then??
The light at the end of the tunnel is not beckoning.
Neil gets here next week, anyway, so I’ll just have to lay down some ‘Salt and Pepper’s lonely hearts club’ scat vocals so he can have something to play against.