Q – Swedish music journalist Jan Gradvall has a chapter from his book “Frågor & svar” (=Q&A) on his website.

In it, there´s a great interview with you from Slitz-magazine 1990.

A few questions, after reading it:

1) You talk a lot about playing poker at least once a week, 8-9 hour session. AND you promise to write a song about poker in the future. Now, I can recall lyrics with cards in the, but have you actually written a definitive poker song yet?

2) You also talk a lot about short stories (Raymon Carver etc), and when JG asks you if you’ve tried to write short stories yourself, you answer:

– No [silence]. And if I did I would probably deny it!

Now, do you deny it, or “deny” it?

A – 1/ I never did write it.

2/ I haven’t really tried. I have sketched this and that and I have my notebooks, still. My recent forays into journalism served to emphasise the huge gulf between what I do and what writers do. Maybe one day I’ll make a serious effort to make it across, I think I might like that.

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