Short day, wife in NYC, and doctor AM. Nothing serious apparently, antibiotics for 2 weeks. Still, not feeling great.
Listen to Joe’s Pub live recordings from last December. Some performances seem OK. Sound too reverby. Email Dan to see if this is changeable. It is. Will audion takes over next week and narrow down tracks to mix. Live Acoustic Set CD looking more viable.
Review Neil tune. Arrange for him to send some source files from his recording for me to work with. Looks worth pusuing.
Start ‘Possible LTR’ (Abbrevaiation for Long Term Relationship used in classified ads – may need to give D Derby credit if this one pans out)- pretty much half a song right now which could go this way or that, but tune is decent.
So, usual deal. Guide drums and piano for provisional short version arrangement.
Starting to get used to Digital Performer. making refinements to set up with each new song. Still miss Logic, but still hate what Logic did to my year.
Record basic tuning part on Collings – capo 3rd fret (song is in Eb). Basic part is fine.
Record open tuned part on Black Taylor – try various voicings. Promising, more work needed.
Record simple bass part. Usual Trilogy sound.
Log in notebook that strings could be good for chorus melody.
2.30 PM leave to pick up Frank.