Working away with Monome Grid

I’ve been doing an awful lot of investigation and experimentation the last few weeks to try to see if I can construct a viable live electronic system.
I’m thinking of basing at least a substantial part of the system around Monome‘s Grid and its Eurorack module/applications.
Here’s my first experimentation with Earthsea (unclocked loop) juxtaposed with an audio loop from Nord Lead. 3rd loop is a free running LFO shifting the lead sound between ‘guitar’ and ‘cello’.
The piece seriously flawed – the Nord sound and chords are dull (in my defense this was a quick experiment and since recording I’ve put a better system in place to add character to dullsounds) and give the whole something awfully close to a hotel lobby new age vibe… but I like the lead sound and the basic idea. And as an experiment – can 3 unclocked loops create music, then yes, it is successful. If all three outputted staccato sounds then the chances would be slim, I’m sure… but that’s not what this is…

I know I’ve been quiet. This has mostly been because much of this work hasn’t been much fun. But I am getting there, and will report in more detail when I know I have a plan.