Q – Hi Lloyd,

Pestering you once more with questions…

Do you practice a lot? I mean scales, general techniques and stretching exercises and so forth?

All the best / gray

ps. on tabs: There are some LC tabs to be found on the web, but they seem not very accurate or inspired;-)

A – Not at all..

When I saw the question I assumed you must be refering to my golf game, which I need to parctice, and do, but not enough.
Guitar playing. No I do not practice, unless I’m on tour. I do not really know any scales and any stretching I should do will probably be relected in the asence thereof of and stretchy bits in my parts. I practice, or get in shape, when recording, by playing every day, trying to find parts, ideas. Then I play them. That is quite enough guitar plaing for me.

I wish I had time to get around to tabs. I don’t use them for my own reference. My guess is that William will be able transcribe much more quickly and efficiently than me, very soon. So maybe it can be a family affair.. (sorry).