September 26, 1987

LLOYD COLE is sick of being a cult. He wants to go mainstream, like, er, Dire Straits. Can this be true?

January 1, 1987

Paul Mathur talks to LLOYD COLE, who is about to return from his self-imposed exile with a brace of new songs.

The pursuit of delicious articulacy is vanishing fast from our …

January 1, 1987

It’s hard being a thinking popstar. One whiff of grey matter and the music press will have you consigned to the bedsit forever. But with the Commotions’ auspiciously named new …

April 4, 1986

An aura of appreciation for the literary follows singer/songwriter Lloyd Cole everywhere he goes — even on airliners.

“My flight was fine, except I didn’t seem to get much peace,” he …

May 10, 1985

The almost acoustic texture of the Smiths, minus the stomach-churning unhappiness makes Lloyd Cole and the Commotions the most appealing band to burst stateside this year. Four young Scotsman and a transplanted Man-chesterian owned a year and a half age and quickly won a recording contract from Polydor.

April 1, 1985

‘We wanted an ironic name. We’re quite a quiet group.’

‘…We didn’t have any depth to our material, we wrote most of the songs on the LP as we were recording …

January 1, 1985

He and his cohorts ought not to fit into today’s pop marketplace – a noisy, gaudy, last-gasp bazaar wherein sales stratagems, product-targeting and blind brand loyalty shout very loud and …